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Christian Robertson for Congress

Elections should not be financial transactions; get ALL private money out of politics.

Welcome to site - it's pretty austere by design. I'm not a pro politician, and I'm not interested in fundraising and branding my campaign with empty platitudes. The obsession and requirement for ludicrous money and corrosive marketing to drive politics is a fundamental problem in our society that means only the donor class get their voices heard and problems solved. I'm doing this campaign with as little money as I can possibly get away with to challenge that system. People should vote, not dollars.

I'm not asking you for your hard-earned money; I'm not asking you to sacrifice your free time; I'm literally just asking for your vote to tell the people in power that you're sick of the idle rich driving every damn thing in the US. This election season, you will get bombarded with expensive ads and fundraising messages - that money overwhelmingly comes from corporate and wealthy interests both via direct donations and from DNC coffers.

The cost of campaigns keeps average folks from running for political office. If you have to quit your job and rub shoulders with the wealthy to have a viable campaign, that excludes the average person with a full-time job. I'm doing this while working full-time, and I'm not begging people for cash to assault your brain with ads. I'm just a guy who is sick of watching rich, out-of-touch, and/or brown-nosing folks make decisions that affect everyone.

If you get political emails or text messages, what percent of them are asking you for money? It's close to 100%, and it's maddening! Everything is a crisis that can be averted if you but donate $25 to so-and-so's campaign or PAC. Now imagine having billions of dollars with which you can prop up candidate who espouse your particular interests - that's what the super-wealthy and corporations get to do because money is allowed to speak louder than voters.

Do you want actual action on climate change? GET FOSSIL FUEL DOLLARS OUT OF POLITICS.

Do you want actual action on poverty? GET CORPORATE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS.

Do you want actual action on non-interventionism? GET ARMS DEALER MONEY OUT OF POLITICS!


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The Pillars of the Campaign

My platform is simple and goal-oriented with the following issues at the top of the priorities list.

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No Money in Politics

When money is speech, the middle class and poor have no voice

I'm putting this issue at the front and center because I believe it's the root cause of almost all our other problems. Majorities of Americans support things like universal healthcare, environmental protections, and workers' rights, but these things are perpetually pushed in favor of tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, increased military spending, and empty gestures of solidarity. Politicians represent their donors, NOT YOU.


  • Publicly funded campaign vouchers

  • No corporate donors

  • Ban SuperPACs. 

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