Prior Experience

A History of Problem Solving

I'm an engineer. I've got a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Materials Science. All these educational programs entailed one common element - SOLVING A PROBLEM. 

I believe this is the kind of thing we need in DC right now. We have too many people who just want to poke at the edges of our system to address DEEP systematic issues in our society, and I intend to - at minimum - bring the spotlight on those issues.

  • Raising top marginal tax rates by 3% on the very rich isn't going to solve our problems.

  • Convoluted, means-tested social programs are not going to alleviate poverty created by a system that crushes the poor to make the rich richer.

  • Corporate greenwashing is not going to solve climate change.

These are just a few examples of things where the mainstream ideas are just poking at the edges and then everyone seems surprised when nothing ever changes. We need to re-evaluate our priorities as a society and invest our time and resources accordingly.